Mandela My Life: The Official Exhibition

13 April - 4 August

Exhibition is open from 10am until 4pm (last entry 3pm) each day.

MANDELA My Life: The Official Exhibition, is a new world class exhibition on Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary life, curated from the extensive collections of The Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. A century on from his birth, this exhibition poetically and emotively explores the personal and public life of one of the most influential men in modern history.

A rich selection of rare personal artefacts, film footage and documents, combined with newly created audio-visual pieces form the heart of the exhibition and offer an insight into the world that shaped Mandela’s life and journey. Many of the objects are on display outside of South Africa for the first time.

This journey is guided by the names that he was given throughout his lifetime, each a chapter representing an important moment in his growth and identity, and the history of political resistance and change in South Africa. These names have incredible multi‐layered meanings, encompassing depth of culture, of character and of resistance. The names he carried were integral to the man he was, and the times that he received them defined his future. Just as he collected life lessons, he collected names, which he carried with him until his passing and live on in his legacy.

This official exhibition commemorates, illuminates and most importantly shares Nelson Mandela’s living legacy with the world.

Explore his legacy and live his journey.

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