Can I park at Eden Park for a game?

Unfortunately there is no parking at Eden Park on a game day for the general public and all vehicles must display a relevant parking permit. We encourage the use of public transport for games at Eden Park.

Can I park at Eden Park for a function?

Yes, if there isn't a game on we have free car parking on site for over 300 cars plus designated parking for coaches and buses.

Please come to car parks P1 + P2 off Walters Road for functions taking place in the following rooms:

  • North Level 5 Lounge
  • Hall of Legends
  • Museum
  • Entry A Lounge
  • All suites beginning with the number ‘6’

Please come to P5 off Reimers Ave for functions taking place in the following rooms:

  • South Level 4 Lounge
  • West Lounge
  • Centenary Lounge
  • Changing Rooms
  • Broadcasters
  • All suites beginning with the number ‘5’

What food is available at Eden Park?

A sample menu can be found here.

Who can I contact to try and find my lost property?

Please contact Eden Park Security on (09) 815 4820.

Which rows of seating are closest to the field?

Row A is closest to the field, it goes back to Z then starts at AA, BB etc. Check out the view from your aisle here.

Can I bring an umbrella inside the stadium?

Yes, you can bring your umbrella inside but can't raise it as it could impend the view of other patrons.

Will I be able to have my stroller/pram for my baby close to me while I watch the game?

Unfortunately not due health and safety risks, they can be cloaked at owners own risk at any gate entry point.

I'm on crutches/in a moon boot and don’t have a mobility parking permit. Is there anywhere I can park on game day that’s closer to the stadium?

Depending on availability, we may be able to help out. Please email info@edenpark.co.nz with your request.

Is there lift access within Eden Park?

Yes there is lift access within the stadium. The yellow boxes on this map show where they are. Please feel free to ask security or a volunteer at the gate and they will be able to help you get to your seat.

How will I know if the game is cancelled?

Games at Eden Park are very rarely cancelled. Rugby will be played in almost all weather types. Cricket will not be called off before the game is due to start, it will be delayed initially then a call will be made later if the rain is not due to stop. For updates please follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts @edenparknz.

Can I come have a look inside Eden Park when there’s no game on?

Unfortunately as Eden Park is a high security area, visitors can't come inside unattended. Tours are run most weekdays at 10am and 2pm and weekends at 11am which you are more than welcome to attend.

Can I bring my own food to a game?

Small amounts of non-commercially produced food intended for the patron's personal consumption are allowed but please take your rubbish with you or place in the bins provided. Please see the conditions of entry here.

What can't I bring into Eden Park?

A list of prohibited items can be found here

What's the best way to get to Eden Park?

Public transport is usually free to and from Eden Park with your match day ticket.

More information on how to get to Eden Park is available here

Do you offer tours of Eden Park?

Yes we certainly do. Most weekdays at 10am and 2pm plus weekends at 11am. More information available here.

What parking restrictions/road closures apply on game days?

Each Traffic Management Plan (TMP) depends on how many people are expected to attend an event. The TMP specific to each event will be posted here closer to the game day.

Where can I get dropped off/picked up?

Each Traffic Management Plan (TMP) depends on how many people are expected to attend an event. The TMP specific to each event will be posted here closer to the game day.

There is also a taxi drop-off point in Cricket Ave.

Can I attend the captain's run?

Unfortunately none of our hirers open their captains' runs up to the public unless advised otherwise.

Is there a dress code for the corporate areas?

A reasonable standard of dress is expected in all Lounges. Members are encouraged to review the dress standards prior to attending matches to ensure that they comply with the regulations. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are aware of the dress standards. Please note that members and/or guests may be refused entry if they do not comply with the following dress standards.

Club Lounge & South Stand Corporate Lounge

The members’ lounge dress standards apply on all match days. As a general rule, all upmarket casual attire is acceptable as a minimum for both men and women with the following exceptions:

  • Nothing ripped, frayed or torn (including designer jeans)
  • No obscene or offensive messages on any clothing item
  • Shirts/tops/jackets must not be see-through, expose a midriff or be low-cut
  • Singlets are unacceptable
  • All men’s shirts must be collared (long/short-sleeved t-shirts are unacceptable unless accompanied by a blazer which must be worn at all times)
  • Hoodies are unacceptable
  • Knitted woollen long-sleeved jumpers are acceptable
  • Leggings/tights (except under a dress or skirt) are unacceptable
  • Sports shirts, beachwear, overalls, boxers, yoga or track pants are unacceptable
  • All shoes must have a back strap (jandals, ugg boots, slippers are unacceptable) excluding women’s fashion heels

Please note that all licenced replica team jerseys are acceptable, unless it’s a singlet.