We love to hear from you.

We hope that your experience at Eden Park is a positive and enjoyable one, but if for any reason you wish to offer some suggestions, here is what you need to do.

On the day of the event, there is usually a hotline in place to deal with urgent issues dealing with inappropriate behaviour of immediate concern.

Feedback can be made by contacting the Eden Park Trust's offices by letter, phone or email.

Complaints and Inappropriate Behaviour

The Eden Park Trust recently formalised protocols that cover long standing policies on complaints and dealing with inappropriate behaviour both inside the ground and as it impacts on our residential neighbourhood.

The new protocols cover complaints, the telephone Hotline, and evictions.

The detailed process that each protocol covers varies mainly in the area of how the Park is made aware of an incident.

A complaint, for example may be received by normal telephone, fax, letter contact or by the complainant visiting the Trust's offices. The Hotline, on the other hand is a specific Match Day telephone point of contact where complainants often have immediate concerns.

An Eviction is an immediate response, either by the NZ Police or Eden Park’s own security staff, to inappropriate behaviour.

However in the notification of a complaint received the protocols are covered in a manner in which the issue is responded to and recorded. Accurate recording of complaints and the Park’s response to them is used to develop plans that minimise similar concerns at future events.

A final element in all three protocols is the requirement to randomly audit complaints in order to monitor both the Park’s efficiency in responding to them and the effectiveness of improvements made as a result.